What is Stock Rom and Custom Rom? What is the difference between the two ?

If you are an Android mobile user, then you must have thought about upgrading the Android version of Android mobile, Then you must have heard about Custom and Stock androids. what is the difference between these two, do you ever thought? Basically Stock Android Allows you to upgrade your android version one step up, It means you bought android 10 2 weeks ago and now android realsed android 11 and you need to update then you can do with Stock Android, But if later you can’t shift to android 12 in feature. So let us know about Stock and Custom Roms (Android).

What is stock rom?

Stock ROM is an original ROM that is already installed in your mobile such as KitKat Android version, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo etc. Whatever your mobile has inserted, We call it as Stock , it is a kind of Original ROM is when you take a new phone, whatever Android version you get in your mobile with it is called Stock ROM, this ROM is made by Google company and there are very few chances that you will get any kind of bug in it :)… or if there is an error, if any kind of bug or error is found in it, then Google fixes that error and sends you the updates.

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM is a third party ROM which is made by any developer which you install yourself in your mobile and to install it, you have to root your mobile i.e. whatever feature you will get in this ROM, all the features are customized. The developers who make these custom ROMs make changes in this operating system according to their own and upload them for download in the internet, There may be chances of getting Bug in these ROMs. Most of the Custom ROM has some functionality issues in apps because the app developer develops app according to stock ROM not for Custom ROM, so in custom ROM you get a lot of errors and bugs. Somebugs can be fixed easily but most of them are can’t be fixed easily. So that time you need to find a different ROM. Stock is original ROM which is developed by the developers of the Google company, which is error free.So Let’s see the diffrence between these too.

Difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM

  • Stock ROM is owned and used by Android, i.e Google. Google develops Stock ROM by Certified developers. Whereas Custom RAM is made by Individual or group of people who has knowledge about it.
  • Stock ROM has Warranty by Manufacturer, If you install Custom ROM , Warranty gets void.
  • In stock rom, you have very less chance that if you found any error or bug in it, even if there is a bug in the coding, then Google fixes it and sends updates to you, whereas in custom rom any developer makes changes according to his own. If so, you get a lot of errors and bugs in it and once installed, you cannot fix its error.
  • Stock Rom is made by Google, so we can rely on their security, while custom ROMs made by other developers , so their security may not be trusted.
  • In Stock ROM you cannot uninstall system apps, But If you install custom ROM, You can delete all inbuilt apps
  • You cannot customize font style in Stock ROM whereas you can customize any type in Custom ROM.
  • Stock ROM is safe, whereas if you install custom ROM, then your mobile phone can be bricked or even dead if you install wrong ROM. Because to install custom ROM you need to root your device which may affect the software.

So I hope you got a clear idea about Stock and Custom ROMs , if you have any doubt please say it in comment …

Thanks For Reading…..

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