Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Peter Huber
Name Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean
Package bitpit.launcher
Publisher Peter Huber
Category Apps
Version 1.7.4
Size 7.38 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Updated On
A minimalist productivity launcher. One hand-friendly. Zero ads.
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Niagara Launcher APK is an outstanding Android Launcher application with a highly ergonomic interface system, providing ideal convenience and comfort for users.

Introduce about Niagara Launcher

The unique launcher app has ideal ergonomics!

We all know one of the charms of Android is its ability to customize, it is not constrained to a certain template. You can change the appearance and arrangement on the main screens with the help of Launchers. Each Launcher will have its advantages and characteristics.

Among the Launchers currently available on Google Play, let me introduce to you a Launcher that can rearrange every interface in the most ergonomic way: Niagara Launcher.

The strengths of Niagara Launcher

The highly ergonomic launcher is the strength of Niagara Launcher. Ergonomics is a science about human abilities and limitations. By understanding it, you will be able to optimize people’s strengths, and compensate for and protect weaknesses. Good ergonomic applications in software, hardware, and all other areas of life will help bring high-quality, intelligent, and supportive products to all users.

Specifically, Niagara Launcher, which has scientifically well-researched ergonomics from the ground up, offers the following features:

  • Organize everything scientifically to bring the highest performance to users.
  • Maintain convenience in operation to help users consume the least amount of energy while they still do exactly what they want.
  • It is suitable for all users through a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. Even if you are the first person exposed to a Launcher, you can get used to it easily.
  • Designed and integrated with modern and suitable technologies, it can optimize the device’s performance, take less battery and space consumption…

Manipulate everything with just one hand

You can focus on what matters most, highlight the focus, place commonly used details in the most convenient touch positions, and arrange everything smartly to take advantage of every aspect of the phone screen layout… All of these elements are aimed at helping users access everything with one hand, no matter how large or small the phone is.

The layout is highly adaptable to all users

Contrary to the rigid layout often found in other Android launchers, Niagara Launcher allows users to adjust it to their liking. Multimedia controls, messages, notifications, milestones, date calendars, apps… everything will appear right when you need it, in the most convenient location with the most suitable size, so you can quickly identify and operate with just one hand.

With Niagara Launcher, you can access all the applications you have on your device quickly and conveniently. A high degree of ergonomic automation has resulted in highly adaptable layouts for all users. “Comfortable” will be the feeling you immediately get the first time you use this app.

Stay focused and do the right thing

The layout designs are always streamlined and as minimalistic as possible. It helps improve the home screen, thereby reducing distractions while using, and providing higher productivity.

Moreover, Niagara Launcher is free and has no ads, which is one of the great advantages that allow users to focus much more.

Not simply minimalist, but Niagara Launcher is also flexible in all situations. The application runs smoothly on all Android phones and tablets with a size of only a few megabytes. Almost every small capacity is fully exploited by the application.

To make the screen compact, again, the app can hide all pre-installed bloatware and rarely used apps. You’ll really focus on the apps you need most often and the tasks that need to be done fastest on the day.

Personalize the screen

Niagara Launcher also helps you personalize your screen most uniquely and impressively. With a clean and well-organized interface, your phone screen always looks elegant and professional. This is the factor that makes you stand out in your work and study environment.

You can personalize many aspects: fonts, icons, built-in wallpapers, colors… Make everything your own, in the most compact and minimalist way with Niagara Launcher!

Download Niagara Launcher APK for Android

Niagara Launcher is light, full of features, and all around high-end, standard ergonomics that bring you many outstanding benefits. Especially, it offers a minimalist, delicate and reasonable arrangement, which helps users operate with just one hand in many situations. 

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