Top 3 Useful Android Application In Our Daily Life

Top 3 Useful Android Application In Our Daily Life


Today in this article we will discuss the Top 3 useful Android Application that helps in our daily life. And in this article we will discuss the specification and detail information about those application. And these application are really use for for every Android users. And we are not sure that those application are available on Apple app store for iphone users. So lets start our today article.

What is useful apps ?

There are millions of application are available in google play store but some of the application are useful. But we didn’t find these application on google play store because there are lots of application here. So that the useful application may hidden.
In our daily life we can use these useful application and do our work easier and faster. And there are most of the work like  home work, office work or may be the student’s study work which may not be easy but by using these useful application we can do all these works faster and easier. And for the results we can save our energy and time.
For the simple example Calculator app, well there are most of the Calculator application available in google play store, and also one calculator app are already in our mobile. By using Calculator app we can solve many counting problems. And its also help for students for their studies. And the useful application are also have there unique features as compare to calculator.
But don’t worry we are not discuss about calculator app or there features in Useful application list, we just providing the basic and simple example that how useful application make our work faster and so easier. So that every Android user understand the features of useful application and use them too. And now the time we discuss and provide the features of Top 3 Useful Application.

Top 3 Useful Application

Now we are discuss the top 3 Android application which is very much helpful for any android users in there daily life. And all the application are available in google play store. So here we provide the full description about those useful application and if you want to download then just search the application name in google play store.

#1. Touch Lock

This is the most important and very useful app. This application name is Touch Lock and we any Android user can easily download this application on google play store. By the help of this application we can easily lock our screen sensor.
Some times we watch any movie or video on YouTube, Netflix or other streaming platform. And if any notification will come then we click the notification by mistake and it will redirect to those platform. But by using this app we can easily lock our screen so that if we touch our screen but it cannot response.
This application will also helpful for parents because many times children use there parents mobile to play YouTube videos or attend online class but they play games and do other things, so in this case Touch lock will lick the screen and the children cannot do any things. And they concentrate there studies.
To enable Touch lock features first we have to open the Touch Lock app and do basic thing like set password and add fingerprint. After that we have to open those app suppose like YouTube, and to enable screen lock just swipe down and open the notification bar and tap the Touch lock notification and then our screen will lock and the lock icon floating in our screen. And to disable this just double tap the floating Lock icon.

#2. Aloha Browser

Well now the time there will lots of mobile browsing application are available on Google play store. And now the Chrome browser already install in our mobile when we purchase, so that why we use Aloha Browser. That is absolutely right but we use this browser because this browser are not a normal browser.
This browser are available in Goggle play store, and by using this browser there are lots of premium features which we can easily use them. And these premium features are not available in all browser. So that we suggest this browser. And here some useful features of Aloha browser. And why we use Aloha browser.
By using this browser we can search any thing in privately also there are some premium VPN available in this browser. And we can connect the VPN in one click. Also we get the Ad blocker features in this browser. And by using Ad Blocker, we can block any ad which are running in website. Also we can set lock or password in our incognito mode, that means if any one try to open our incognito tab then he/she have to fill the password. Also we can disable some un useful trackers in websites.
And also there are some other premium features which are paid like when we open browser VPN will auto connect etc.

#3. Dual Camera Record

This Application will very much helpful for those people who are Blogger or other creators who create video in there daily life. This application is already available in google play store.
By using this application we can record front and back videos at a same time. That means when we start the record our mobile front and back camera open at same time and for the results we can easily records front and back side video at a same time.
Not only blogger but also any one can who loves to travel different places or such a normal people also use this application.

Final words

In this today post we discuss the Top 3 most useful application which are really useful for our daily life. And anyone can easily use this application. And there will some also useful application in google play store but we will discuss those in next article.

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