Top 3 Android Secret Tips And Tricks

Top 3 Android Secret Tips And Tricks


Today in this article we discuss the Top 3 Android Secret Tips and Tricks. Usually, these tricks or tips are very simple but most people don’t know these so that it may unique and secret for them. And in this article, we provide all information about those tips and tricks. So let’s start the article.

Top 3 Android Secret Tips and Tricks

If you are using or have any Android devices and you read this article then really this article will very much helpful for you because in this article we discuss the Top 3 unique and Secret Android tips and tricks. And all the tricks will very much helpful for our daily life. So let’s start our first tricks of Android.

#1. How to access file manager by using chrome browser

I m sure that you don’t know this trick and not you most of the Android user doesn’t know this trick. And before discuss this trick first we discuss that where we can use this trick.

Where to use this trick?

If we set a password in the file manager and now we want to open a file but there are some friends or family members in our surroundings and we don’t want to show them our password which we set on file manager. And in this situation, we can use this trick and open any file by using the Google Chrome browser and in this trick, there will be no password required. And also we can use this trick on our friend’s mobile phone, well we don’t suggest that but in many cases, we have to do.

How to access all files by using a chrome browser?

Now we discuss that how to access all files like images, video, and any other documents by using the chrome browser and it’s a very easy but import trick for every Android user. And To access all files first we have to open the Chrome browser and the file:///sdcard in the search tab. And after type, the text then press enter key on your keyboard. And now all files and folders are visible on our screen and we can now access all files and media one by one. If you like this trick just share this article with another Android user.

#2. How to increase Battery life in Android devices

If you are using an Android device and if your battery will drain too fast after a full charge then by using these tricks, your battery life will increase. To increase the battery life we have to go to our Android setting and then go to the battery option and click more information. After that, you can see which application consumes more battery and now we have to optimize that app which we want. And to optimize that application just click the app and here you see the optimize option, now just choose the optimize option, and now your battery life will increase.
After optimizing all applications now the battery life will increase. And the other hand battery life will drain for some other reasons also. Suppose many users open auto brightness when they use mobile but after that, he or she forgets to turn it off and the sensor will work in the background, so it may be one of the reasons to drain the battery. And if we found such types of reasons and fix them then our battery life will increase.

#3. Smart lock

A smart lock is an advanced lock to secure our android devices. Suppose we are a student and in our daily life we go to school or college and college to home and when we turn on smart lock then our mobile will automatically lock when we are in the school or college and when we came to our home then our mobile will turn automatically.
To open the smart lock in our Android devices at first we go to our Android setting and then click the security option. After that, we see the Smart lock option, just click that option. After that, we see 3 options and we have to choose the Ad trusted Location. And the trusted location will be that location where your mobile will automatically turn on whenever you are in those places which you are set in a trusted location.
And after that whenever you are not in the trusted location your device will lock and no one can open and when you are in the trusted location then you can easily use your android devices.

Final words

At the end of this article, we will suggest that if you are in a meeting or any other important work then only you can turn on the smart lock. So finally we discuss the Top 3 Secret Android tips and tricks which are very useful for all android users. And that is all about today’s article. If the information which we share in this article is helpful for you then share this article.

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