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How To Recover Deleted Files In Android?

How To Recover Deleted Files In Android


Today in this article we discuss that How To Recover Deleted images, videos, and Audio files on Android devices. These are the most important tips which we will share in this article and may this article will very much helpful for those people who want to recover his old photos, videos, and audio files. So let’s start this article.

Is it possible to Recover files?

Many times we delete our files like pictures, audio, and video by Mistakes. And we can not recover those images, audio files, and video files. And guess what? we think it may impossible to recover that files. But in today’s article, we provide some tips where you may recover those pictures, audio, and video. And will do this thing by install some third-party applications because there are no features in our mobile setting where we recover our files.
And to recover our images, videos, and audio files we have to download several types of applications. Suppose our all pictures, video files, and audio file are safe but what will we do when those files are deleted in the future. And what will do when our files are already deleted. Don’t worry we will discuss these 2 conditions in this article.

How to safe our files?

We have to safe our files like images, audio files, and video files, so that in the future if our files will delete then we can easily recover those files. And cloud storage is the best option to save our files like images, audio files, and video files. We can store our daily files as a backup in cloud storage. And for the results, we never lose those files and we recover multiple times whenever we delete them.
And time there are most of the cloud backup platforms will launch in Google plays store but we have to use some premium cloud storage platform.
In India, we can use Google Drive, Jio cloud, etc. And these 2 platforms are highly used in India to backup and store our image, video, and audio files. And whenever we join this platform to backup our files then we have to set the daily backup so that it automatically backup our all files on daily basics.
And those people who are outside of India can use Google Drive, Dropbox, Degoo, and CloudDrive, etc. On that platform, we can upload or backup all images, and audio files, and video files. But in this platform, there will be some limitations, like in Google drive we receive only 15 GB to upload our documents and files. So if you want more space in Google to drive then create a new email then you also receive another 15 GB in Google Drive account. And in other platforms like Degoo and CloudDrive, we receive up to 100 to 1000 GB. And it is enough to store all data like images, audio, and video files, etc.
So these are those steps which we have to follow when our all data and documents will safe. But what can we do when we already delete our images, audio files, and video files, And is it possible to recover them? And the answer is yes we can recover those data which you delete. And that does not matter that you delete those files recently or a week, month, and year. So let’s discuss that how we recover our deleted files like images, video, and audio files.

How to recover deleted files?

If we already delete any documents like images, audio, and video files then don’t worry we are here to solve your problem and recover your files. To recover your all images, audio files, and video files you have to download 2 Applications in the Google play store, and that 2 applications have different features to recover files.

#1. Photo Recovery

To recover your all images you have to download the Photo Recovery application in the Google Play Store. After that, we have to open this application and if it asks to grant the storage permission then you have to allow that permission. Remember that this application is used to recover only images, not video files and audio files. And to recover audio and video files you have to download another application.
And to recover our deleted photos we have to click the restore button after that we see 2 buttons one is Restored Deleted Photo and the other is View Restore Photos. And we have to click the Restored Deleted Photo button and it started to scan our devices and we can see all deleted images.

#2. Media Recovery

This application is also the same as Photo recovery but there will be some changes in the 2 applications. In the first application, we only recover all deleted images but in the Media Recovery application, we can now recover all deleted Audio files and Video files. And the process of recovery is the same in 2 applications.
To recover our deleted images, video files, and audio files we have to tap the file which we want to recover and just press the Recover button to recover those files which we selected in our local storage.

Final words

If any person wants to recover their deleted images, video, and audio files then this article will help him. Because in this article we share those platform which helps us to recover our deleted items like images, video, and audio files. So what is all about in today’s article.

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